The Issue of Single and Spousal Beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage Plans worth Understanding

Most of the Medicare advantage plans are known to check if an individual is enrolled with part A and B of the original Medicare plan before they can allow you to enroll with it. With that idea in mind, it is also important to take into consideration the need for enrolling into plan A and plan B before looking into other advantage plans. This takes us to the issue of single and spousal beneficiaries. A single beneficiary is a person benefiting from a Medicare Advantage plan as one person while the spousal beneficiary is basically associated with those benefits of Medicare that can be enjoyed by two people enjoined together through marriage.  Enroll at

There is a great different or distinction between medigap and Medicare advantage plans when it comes to covering either single or spousal benefits. With medigaps, single individuals are allowed to enroll while the other Medicare advantage plans will take into consideration the need to cover people who have been joined together through marriage. There are a number of Medicare advantage plans that will cover both you and your wife and vice versa. An example of such a Medicare advantage plan is the advantage plus. With this plan you are entitled to being covered by as a couple and you will both be treated as a single entity that can benefit from one Medicare plan.

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If you have attained the age of 65; and you have been thinking of enrolling with a Medicare advantage plan, it is important for you to choose a plan that will cater for you and your elderly spouse. Although the amount of premiums will be higher than that of single individuals, it will be worth it in the end because the plan will cater for your medical needs during old age. Some of the plans will not allow for spousal coverage but some doe accept as long as there is proof of marriage.  It is important to choose the right plan that will cater for your needs including that of those that you love. Some of the plans will suit the needs of other while some will suit your own needs. Considering that needs vary, the federal and state governments have taken into consideration the fact that there should be various Medicare advantage plans that will ensure that the issue of coverage is wide and extensive.